Useful Resources

Below are a few websites I have found helpful. I will be adding to them as time goes on. If you have any suggestions for further additions, please feel free to contact me.

Violin Sites 'is a global community of violin players, teachers, students and fans', and contains much of interest in terms of news, views and features. There is also a discussion board and blog for registered users to join in. A collection of Internet resources for string players, including a useful book list and information on orchestral auditions in the USA. String resources for the U.K. including free sheet music, teacher listings and much more.


Free (public domain) sheet music


Performance Skills Resources Don Greene, a music psychologist based in the USA, has worked with many professional musicians as well as students from the Juilliard School, New York. His book 'Performance Success' is well worth a read and allows purchasers to gain access to an online questionnaire assisting the reader in the process of self-assessment in relation to performance skills. Inger Murray (a psychologist based in Copenhagen, Denmark) works regularly with students from the Royal Academy of Music but also provides one-to-one private sessions. From time to time open workshops.are held in London. These are stimulating, constructive, pnd rovide participants with skills and techniques for a more positive mental approach to performance under pressure. Andreas Burzik is an experienced music psychologist / psychotherapist based in Bremen, Germany. His workshops are excellent - full of creative, thought-provoking ideas, exploring the phenomenon of 'peak performance' and the conditions that are most likely to foster this. He draws heavily upon the writings and research of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - author of 'Beyond Boredom and Anxiety' and 'Flow' amongst others. This site lists useful resources - books, DVDs, etc. In his book 'The Perfect Wrong Note', William Westney challenges traditional approaches which tend to result in tension and prevent the body from learning how to play from a state of relaxation.


Musicians' Health The official site of the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine, London. A useful article about the prevalence of muscular inbalance leading to injury in musicians. An American organisation dedicated to promoting the well-being and mental health of performing musicians.


Physical Training

1. A good aerobic workout for at least twenty minutes twice a week is very important for any musician.

2. Swimming - exercise involving water resistance provides good all-round muscle-toning. Increase resistance by using a pair of Aqua-Mitts.

3. Pilates - excellent for developing core strength and stability and for minimizing muscular imbalance. To begin with, progress is hard to quantify, but regular exercise using this method does pay off, in my experience.

4. Alexander Technique / Feldenkrais Method - both good for re-training in the correct use of the body.

5. Fit Ball exercises - good for core strength and stability.


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