This page lists the various combinations of instruments, along with the type of repertoire available.

1. Solo Violin

Solo violin (with no accompaniment) can be appropriate for certain occasions - a light serenade of some favourite tunes whilst eating dinner in a restaurant on Valentine's Day, for instance, or perhaps a special arrangement of 'Happy Birthday' .

Repertoire: Light classical, popular - requests accepted in advance.

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However, for events where background music is required for a longer period, the sound of one violin on its own is definitely enhanced by some sort of accompaniment.

2. Solo Violin accompanied by pre-recorded piano/instrumental backing.

Being a pianist in addition to a violinist, I have had a great deal of fun creating my own accompaniments - these are being 'refined' all the time, as my own ideas about the pieces change. With up-to-date equipment, the output is of a much higher quality than it used to be - courtesy of a CD player and high quality speakers. Space required: about 6ft x 6ft within easy reach of a power source.

Repertoire: Light classical, popular - requests accepted in advance.

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However, some people don't like the idea of recorded accompaniments, and would prefer the ensemble to be completely 'live'.

3. Solo Violin and Piano Duo

Choosing this combination requires either a good acoustic piano at the venue, or sufficient space for an electronic keyboard - within easy reach of a power source. Access to the venue needs to be relatively straightforward.

Repertoire: light classical, popular - requests accepted in advance

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4. Other duo combinations: Violin and Viola; Violin and Cello

A little more space is needed for these combinations - two players plus music stands.

Repertoire: light classical.

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5. String Trio (Violin, Viola, Cello)

This combination requires a space of about 3m2.

Repertoire: light classical.

6. Palm Court Trio (Piano, Violin, Cello)

This combination requires about 4m2 of space due to the piano keyboard.

Repertoire: light classical, popular, show-tunes.

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Corporate - dinners, receptions, exhibitions, product launches.

Private functions - dinners, parties (of a quieter nature!), anniversaries, receptions.

Weddings - Civil wedding ceremonies, with music beforehand, during your drinks reception and throughout the wedding breakfast.

Funerals - instead of just a CD in the crematorium, consider how much more special some live music of a meditative nature could be.


Whenever I can, I tailor my musical selections to the event, responding to individual requests for specific instrumental pieces, or songs where possible. This personalizes the event for myself as the musician, and hopefully will add something meaningful to make your event extra special. Requests for music need to be made at least four weeks prior to the event - and are dependent upon the copyright status of the music requested. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain a licence to make an arrangement of a piece - this can take a considerable amount of time, and usually involves an additional fee. Occasionally, such licences are refused, in which case, I would not be able to make the arrangement.


Anywhere from Portsmouth, all of Hampshire, as far as Sussex, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, Surrey, and London. Destinations over 20 miles away from Cosham will incur an additional mileage fee to cover transportation costs. Occasionally, it is requested that music be provided outside - this depends on the weather, of course. Too much breeze or low temperatures can make playing the violin impossible. Equally, direct sunlight and excessively hot weather is a problem, and can seriously damage instruments. Adequate shade would need to be provided.

Examples of past performance venues: HMS VICTORY, The Archbishop's Palace, Canterbury; The Stationer's Hall, City of London; The Round Tower, Old Portsmouth; Southsea Castle; Mottisfont Abbey; Southsea Sea Front (whilst a nice young gentleman proposed to his girlfriend!) and many more places....


Why bother with live music? Well, I would argue that it will it add beauty, style and atmosphere to your occasion. Sensitively chosen music will add meaning, and enhance enjoyment and may even soothe nerves frayed by the stress of organising the event!

Centuries of tradition set a well worn precedent. Musicians have provided musical entertainment for special occasions for thousands of years. In Biblical times, music was used within religious ceremonies, particularly for occasions of a celebratory nature. Later, royal courts made a particular feature of their musicians, and much music we know and love today by composers such as Mozart came into existence in order to satisfy the need for such 'entertainment'. The listeners to this music obviously appreciated and recognized the enduring value of what they heard.

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As well as accompanying others on the piano, I also play for a number of orchestras - the Havant Chamber Orchestra, Sinfonia of Arun (Principal Second Violin) and a number of other local orchestras (Petersfield, Fareham, Isle of Wight). I also play for a few other chamber music groups in the southern counties. My travels take me to all parts of Hampshire, Sussex, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, Surrey, Kent and London, and sometimes further afield.

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