Piano Accompaniment






Throughout my musical career, accompanying other instrumentalists has been a source of great satisfaction and enjoyment. My violin professor at the Royal Academy recognised my ability in this area - and was quick to utilize this skill by getting me to accompany some of his other students!. Although piano accompaniment was not officially part of my course of study, I was very grateful for the chance to further my knowledge of this area by attending classes given by the late Wilfred Parry and Geoffrey Pratley.

Over the course of my career I have accompanied many singers, choirs, and instrumentalists of every sort (strings, wind, brass and percussion), for examinations, festivals, auditions and recitals.

The accompanist's role suits my temperament - I am able to offer the type of support and reassurance to young instrumentalists that is so often needed in situations where performance anxiety is so often a problem. For those taking lower grade examinations, I may be able to help with tuning the instrument (especially strings!), and as part of the rehearsal schedule can offer to go through the aural tests if this is desirable.

Rehearsals generally take place at my home in Cosham at a fixed hourly rate. Fees for the day of the exam / audition etc. depend on the length of time required and the level (i.e. the fee for accompanying a diploma exam will be considerably greater than for a Grade 1 due to the increase in preparation time as well as the length of the exam). An additional charge may be made to cover travelling expenses if the exam is held outside Portsmouth.

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